Tilix is awesome

Back when I started to use Linux I did not care which terminal emulator to use. I came from using cmd on Windows, for years, after all. Over time a few things became important, such as performance, stored session support and vim compatibility. I have tried many and liked some. Until I switched to Tilix.

The main reason to try it right away was the fact that it is written in D. This alone is enough of a wow-factor to woe me in, but Tilix proved really awesome quickly.

Like Terminator it supports splitting its main window on the fly - thus allowing tiling WM experience where it matters the most. My workflow depends on this. I am almost always in the terminal, splitting the window such that I can observe what exactly each of my microservices is doing. And the set of which ones I care about changes all the time (thus making the use of a regular tiling WM a pain).

Overall, it is great. I encourage you to give it a try. Perhaps you will like it too.

Here is the link: https://gnunn1.github.io/tilix-web/

P.S. I may have reread my blog a little and found that I write about things I do not like a little bit too much. And it may have been time to write about something I do like.

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