Remove prefix in a Camel Case method name

I am using jersey-client library and a tool it has (wadl2java) to generate code for a Web Service. The tool worked, but the generated code had a lot of issues. One of them was not trivial to fix.

For some reason it generated method names in the API as such:

Samples restVersionSamples();
Sample  restVersionSample(String sampleId);

And so forth. It worked, but I would have hated myself typing in that "restVersion" prefix every time. First I tried Eclipse's built-in search and replace feature. It worked, but I ended up with method not in camel case anymore:

Samples Samples();
Sample  Sample(String sampleId);

Eventually I turned to vim:


There it is:

Samples samples();
Sample  sample(String sampleId);

Vim reported to me that it made 1000 or so replacements and I thanked its authors. Again.