I am not buying self-driving cars

I have reasons to not even consider buying a self-driving or even an Internet-connected car. The main one is its software. As far as I can tell, car programmers are the worst.

I have recently bought a 2015-year model car. There is a built-in entertainment system, and that system refused to play any music in any sane order. I have tried modifying meta information, file names and file dates - nothing had changed the one and only "random" order in which that system played the files.

Finally, I decided to try the files order in the FAT32 file table. Frankly, I never thought it will make a difference:

for i in *; do cp $i /media/flash/; done

Imagine my surprise when it did!

The car-programmer who wrote this software is stupid enough to rely on the order of files in the FS record! I fail to imagine how brain dead one must to be to come up with such an idea.

It only got worse after I searched for similar "solutions" on some car forums. It is not only the maker of my car who has this "feature".

Now imagine the guy who wrote that, who failed to implement a track ordering that any $3 MP3 player has done right, that guy writes software that controls your car on the highway.

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