Good time to quit

I got a great closure to my time with xMatters.

An email announcing the death of "team branches". Those beasts were the last remnants of the old development process. SVN, few branches - one per team initially, but later shared, commit freezes, stressful merges, release numbers the whole company was aware of...

It took more than 4 years. But I was behind our move to git, to continuous delivery, to the modern world.

Now a "release" has no number. You could always check which git hash is deployed in an environment, but you almost never would. Because it is the same hash as the HEAD on master 99% of the time.

I started the whole process. From the very beginning, choosing between git and mercurial, I was identifying the next obstacle in the way of CD and removing it. The last big one was the DB patches process. That was the last pin on which the various services were tied together. I pulled it out. It was 6 months ago. And quite naturally, without nagging, coordination or long painful meetings, the last remnants of the old process were disappearing. They did not have a reason to exist anymore.

The last of them is gone. Feels good to be done.