Eclim is awesome

Only recently I introduced myself to the beauty of Eclipse and Vim integration: eclim I am using it in a headless mode, when Eclim is running as a daemon and vim can connect to it for all the extra features. Here are my notes so far.

Surprisingly, there is not much in the IDE that I use often. Apparently all I need is a good editor with syntax highlight, a way to display compilation errors while I am writing code and a decent autocomplete. All of these are available to me in vim now.

I occasionally use refactoring in Eclipse, but majority of cases are to rename something or create boilerplate code (getters, setters and copy constructors). Those features work in eclim flawlessly.

But it pays to have a console editor. Now I can really work from anywhere. All I need is an Internet connection and a terminal emulator. I've been developing from my Chromebook, from my phone. I have a very rich development environment on every device. Plus, it's the same environment everywhere.

One extra feature that I came to appreciate is I can kill Eclim daemon but keep vim running with all the files open. You may wonder why would I ever need this. It is simple: Eclipse loves RAM. Some of the applications I work on do love RAM as well. If I need to run a big set of tests I will benefit from extra RAM available for those tests. And even if I forgot to kill Eclim, OOM killer will do it for me if extra memeory is needed. To get all those features back I only need to start the daemon again!

It is not something every developer would find convenient. But it works great for me.

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