A hidden way to make desktop nice in xfce4

Once you installed default Xfce4 Desktop Environment you may notice that its desktop right-click menu can show "Applications" menu. That is very handy, since desktop is far bigger than any button you may place in the corder of you screen. I find it extremely convenient to be able to click anywhere in the screen in those cases when I am looking for an application in the menu.

Unfortunately, by default that Applications menu is only a sub menu, and the last in the list. Which is not nice, of course.

That is why I am writing this blog entry right now. If you go into Desktop Settings, switch to the Icons tab and select "None" for the icons - that will magically change the right click menu as well. All the folder specific items are gone (such as "Create file", "Open a Terminal here", etc) and the menu is just the vanilla "Applications" menu now.

This relation between the Menu and the Icons settings is not even documented in the Xfce4 wiki and I always struggled to remember which unrelated setting I have to flip to get the menu to behave the way I want it to.

I hope now I will remember.